Store Walk-in Tieups

As a strategic partner, I successfully collaborated with renowned brands such as Camlin, DDRC, and Nokia,Honda etc  to address the challenge of low store walk-ins in certain areas. Faced with budget constraints that limited traditional promotional efforts for each store, we devised an innovative strategy to maximize store utilization and increase footfall. By leasing out space within our stores to non-competing brands, we created mutually beneficial arrangements that resulted in a remarkable 30% increase in overall store walk-ins.


This out-of-the-box approach allowed us to tap into the existing customer base of our partnering brands, driving additional foot traffic to our stores. Through careful selection and positioning of partner displays, we transformed our stores into vibrant and attractive destinations. This collaboration not only increased footfall but also enhanced brand perception, positioning our stores as dynamic and customer-centric retail spaces. By thinking creatively and forging strategic partnerships, we successfully addressed the challenge of low walk-ins, driving customer engagement and demonstrating our ability to implement innovative strategies that maximize store utilization and foster overall business growth.

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