We Love Jio Social media campaign

In the face of challenging circumstances, where the brand faced backlash and a potential boycott on social media platforms due to a fabricated comment made by the a company spokesperson on Twitter, I took decisive action in PR management using social media for Jio. To counter the negative brand perception and drive positive engagement, I conceived and executed the highly impactful Welovejio social media campaign.

The campaign’s core concept revolved around amplifying customer stories from various backgrounds, showcasing how Jio had positively transformed their lives. Leveraging user-generated content (UGC), we encouraged Jio customers to share their personal experiences through heartfelt testimonials. Branded as Welovejio, the campaign struck a chord with audiences, symbolizing the deep affection and appreciation people had for Jio.

The campaign achieved remarkable success, garnering an impressive 5 million views across Facebook and Instagram. The overwhelming response and engagement on these platforms played a pivotal role in reshaping the brand’s narrative and steering it away from the negative phase it had been facing. The Welovejio campaign effectively demonstrated the powerful impact of social media in turning around brand perception, highlighting the transformative influence of Jio in the lives of millions.


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